We’re Excited to Welcome Keeney & Basford Funeral Home in Frederick, Maryland!

Posted on June 27, 2022 by under Announcements
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We’re proud to announce the recent addition of Keeney & Basford Funeral Home in Frederick, Maryland! The funeral home, which can trace its roots back over 170 years, was formerly owned by Richard “Rick” Graf and Keith Roberson.

Greg commented “With 170+ years of service in Frederick, Keeney and Basford has stood the test of time as an outstanding funeral home. While under the ownership of Rick and Keith, they have continued the funeral home’s strong legacy of compassion and dedication to the families of their community, and I look forward to helping keep that legacy alive and well for years to come.” Greg also mentioned that this marks our second location in Maryland.

Founded in 1848 by John Garrison Etchison, the funeral home was originally known as M.R. Etchison and Son. For over 120 years, the funeral home was kept in the Etchison family until the firm was sold in the 1970s to employees Frank R. Smith, Donald M. Fadeley, Robert W. Keeney and Richard C.C. Basford. The funeral home was then renamed Keeney & Basford Funeral Home. In 2007, Rick and Keith acquired the business, having both been employed at the funeral home since the 1980s.

Speaking with Keith, he mentioned that with him and Rick having over 30 years in funeral service, they wanted to start looking at the next chapter in their careers. Although considering a few partners, the co-owners ultimately felt Greg was the right fit due to his focus on community and desire to keep everything about the business the same. “Greg is a family-oriented guy, not corporate, and focused on community and we knew our business was passing into good hands,” said Keith. Looking to the future of the funeral home, Keith mentioned that he and Rick are excited that Rollings Funeral Service will allow them to deliver the same highest level of death care that the community has come to expect since 1848.

Annually, Keeney & Basford Funeral Home serves around 350 families.

Rick Graf

Keith Roberson

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