We’re Excited to Announce Our First Vermont Acquisition!

Posted on March 30, 2021 by under Announcements
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Mark and Lisa Shea

We’re so excited to announce the recent acquisition of the Shea Family Funeral Homes. The group is comprised of: Hanson-Walbridge & Shea Funeral & Cremation Service (Arlington and Bennington, VT) Brewster & Shea Funeral & Cremation Service (Manchester, VT), Covey, Allen & Shea Funeral & Cremation Service (Wilmington, VT), Cremation Society of Vermont (Bennington, VT), and Shea Monument Company. All were formerly owned by husband and wife, Mark and Lisa Shea.

“It’s always exciting to see our organization grow, especially with the addition of the Shea Family Funeral Homes,” said Greg Rollings. “Collectively, Mark and Lisa’s firms represent over 300 years of service to their community. Their family focused funeral homes are exactly what we look for when bringing new firms into our fold.” Greg also noted that this is his first acquisition in Vermont and second in New England.

Speaking with Mark Shea, he mentioned beginning his career in funeral service in 1980 and then in 2004 he and his wife took ownership of what were then known as Hanson-Walbridge Funeral Home, Brewster Funeral Service, and Covey & Allen, establishing the Shea Family Funeral Homes. With four decades in funeral service though, Shea began looking towards the next chapter in his life and began succession planning. Looking for a service-oriented person who could continue the Shea Family Funeral Homes long heritage, he ultimately sold his firms to Greg and Debbie Rollings. “They share the same values as us [Mark and Lisa] and they felt like longtime friends. Most importantly, they didn’t want to change our staff or how we operate,” mentioned Shea. The fact that everything, including staff, was remaining the same is something that left Shea feeling he was making the right decision in Rollings Funeral Service.

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