The Poteet Funeral Home Fire: An Update from Greg Rollings

Posted on April 17, 2020 by under Announcements
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Just when we thought our firms were beginning to adjust to all the new changes in funeral service amid the COVID-19 pandemic, tragedy struck one of our funeral homes in Augusta, GA. For those that have not heard, a fire broke out at Poteet Funeral Home on Thursday, April 2nd, and rendered the building a total loss. After an investigation by the Georgia Fire Marshal’s Office and the Augusta-Richmond Fire/EMA departments, the cause of the fire was determined to be from an air conditioning unit that malfunctioned and overheated. At the time of the fire, there were several families’ loved ones in the care of the funeral home, but they were well protected during the blaze. While this was a devastating setback for us, we all remain incredibly thankful that no employees or visitors were harmed.

Currently, they are in the process of opening a temporary location and plan on continuing to serve the families that them. Healing is at the very heart of what our funeral homes do, and we know that they will come out of this stronger than ever before, and I personally will be there for them every step of the way.

At this time, we would like to thank all our funeral service colleagues in Augusta and across the U.S. for their outpouring of support while we navigate the challenges of rebuilding and getting back on our feet. This has been a difficult time, but the goodwill of others has showed us that we are not alone.

Although this was a terrible moment for Rollings Funeral Service as a whole, we are using it as a means to further increase the safety measures we already have in place at all of our firms. Our ultimate goal when disaster strikes, is the safety and protection of our staff and visitors as well as the loved ones in our care.

While Poteet Funeral Home may have burned down, the dedication and commitment that they have to the families they serve has not.


Greg Rollings

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